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Backyard Pool and Spa Trends in 2023
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An outdoor spa is the ultimate must-have feature for unwinding at the end of a long day. Incorporating a spa into your outdoor space so that it looks good and serves a purpose might take a lot of work. While all backyard spas offer the same therapeutic benefits, many different spa designs exist. You’ll be able to find one that works with the rest of your landscaping and complements your backyard.

5 Spa Designs to Incorporate into Your Backyard

Below are some examples of backyard spa designs to consider.

A spa-like gazebo

A spa can be used at any time of the year. Heavy rain or snow can prevent you from using your backyard spa, despite the fact that moderate rain or mist can provide a pleasant environment. Therein lies the appeal of a pergola or gazebo-enclosed spa. These enclosures protect you from the elements by enclosing your backyard spa. This will allow you to enjoy it regardless of the weather. Meanwhile, you’ll have more seclusion from prying eyes and ears, making the most of your outdoor sanctuary.

Swim spas

Swim spas are becoming increasingly common. Aqua jogging, rowing, and swimming are possible in either above-ground or underground options. These spa designs are a fantastic option if you’re looking for a low-impact way to get in shape.

Plunge Pool-Spa

Another space-saving but an equally relaxing option for an outdoor spa is a plunge pool, which you can enjoy on those steamy summer days. Plan a deck with daybeds, lounging furniture, a fireplace, and a few floor lamps or candle lanterns. Putting a glass fence around the pool will help keep the water clean and the grass around it looking nice.

An in-deck spa

Backyard spas can be built on top of a deck or incorporated into the ground. The second option adds a touch of contemporary chic to the patio. It also accommodates more people in and around the spa. That way, your friends and family may chat freely, whether they’re in the spa or the backyard.

A pool and spa combination

Backyards with a pool and a spa typically have dedicated spaces for each. On the other hand, these two varieties of water features can enhance one another’s aesthetic and practical value when placed in close proximity to one another. To illustrate, think about spa designs that overflow into pools. It’s convenient for guests to mingle and go from cold to warm water while enjoying the improved pool design (and higher property value).

Benefits of installing a spa

Family Fun

Warm, bubbling water in a backyard spa is a treat for people of all ages. Whether you’re trying to warm up after a plunge in the pool’s cooler water or get everyone together, this is a fantastic idea. An outdoor spa is a wonderful addition to a pool for adults to enjoy while watching kids swim. This way, you and the kids may relax and have fun in the water.

Stress Relief

In addition to being fun, a spa may help you feel better physically and mentally by reducing stress. Feel-good endorphins are produced and released as a result of the increased circulation brought on by the hot water. The water’s flow eases muscle tension in the feet, lower back, neck, thighs, and shoulders. You can alleviate headaches and muscle discomfort brought on by stress with just a few minutes in the spa.

Better Sleep

Sitting in your spa for an hour or so before bedtime will aid in sleep. Due to being immersed in warm water, your body temperature rises. When you leave, the temperature drops, simulating the drop in your body temperature when you sleep. This, along with the stress-relieving benefits of the outdoor spa, can help you get to sleep more quickly and stay asleep for longer.

5 Spa Designs to Incorporate into Your Backyard

Soak in the Spa for Health

After a long, difficult day, there is nothing better than relaxing in a hot tub. It’s a great feeling overall. It also has some awe-inspiring health benefits. There has never been a finer time than now. Consider the advantages of installing an outdoor spa in your yard.


You should think about things like ease of access to your house, privacy, and if you prefer a sunnier or shadier spot for the spa when deciding where to put it. If you want your spa to look natural and not out of place in your backyard, a professional pool builder like Your Backyard Haven can help you achieve this. If your outdoor spa looks less out of place and more like it belongs in your garden, landscaping plants around it is a must. Contact us today!

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