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Your lifestyle and home are distinctive, representing who you are and your passions. Although it is a favorite remodeling activity for most property owners to add a spa to an existing pool, the reasons why you need one are different from those wishing to do the same. You may want to add one to improve your quality of life at home, or even for health reasons, as well as for entertaining and social reasons.

Hiring a Pool Builder to Add on a Spa

Now is the perfect time to install a brand new one if you are considering doing some renovations to really brighten up your pool. To carry out any repairs, you must first drain the pool in order to do any required structural work. The current pool could be changed to include a spa inside the main pool body, or the pool could be expanded to include the field.

What is Involved With Adding a Spa Onto My Pool?

Installing a separate spa unit directly adjacent to your pool is another choice if you don’t want to touch the current pool shell. However, this spa will be self-contained, so separate filtration devices, pumps, and so on will have to be installed.

When it comes to adding a spa to your existing pool, this could be the easiest choice. Spillovers are located immediately next to the current water and the spa pool and pool. They actually combine, so you just need one pump for both the spa and the pool. It’s also easier to keep the water clear in a Spillover spa.

These are easy to assemble, taking just a few hours if the shells have already been developed and the plumbing has been completed. You only need to dig the spa pit, lay the base, position the spa, and attach the plumbing to that of the main pool equipment afterwards.

Who Can Add On A Spa To My Pool?

You will have to contact the experts if you have made the decision to have one in your current pool, because it is definitely not a task that you can do alone. You will have to work with a professional, a certified pool designer, or a specialist in pool renovation. Throughout the whole process, revamping, landscaping, designing the area and installing the new one, they will work with you all.

Contact us to get the project planning, approvals and pricing for you. They also make any necessary improvements to your current pool, including building a new one and remodeling it as needed, as well as designing surrounds and new pool finishes.

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