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Nothing beats a dip in your own backyard pool in the sweltering summer months. It’s possible to transform a pool into more than just a place to cool off in the summertime. They may transform it into an outdoor paradise. Use these pool and outdoor designs to get some ideas for making your backyard a truly beautiful place, whether you want to add a new pool or improve the outdoor space around your existing one.

Best Pool and Outdoor Designs

Consider the following pool and outdoor designs.

Symmetrical tranquility

Symmetrical is the key to transforming a backyard poolscape into an oasis of tranquility and beauty. To avoid the usual oval and rectangular shapes, let one side protrude with a subtle design that mirrors the other. Adding an equal number of palm trees or other tropical plants on both sides of the pool maintains the symmetrical idea.

Stylish evening entertainment

Consider how the area will appear at night. With floating pool lights, you can create a pleasant or even romantic atmosphere. However, they can also shine a light on pool and outdoor designs that might otherwise be obscured by darkness. You might also install some solar lights around the pool area. Color-changing bulbs allow for easy illumination. They are common features of modern outdoor lighting installations.

Poolside seating

Poolside seating is essential, so don’t neglect it. Wicker seats and plastic loungers aren’t the only options. Teak furniture or even more permanent fittings such as concrete or stone benches can symbolize your taste. Your choice of chairs is just as important as the pool itself in creating a relaxing ambiance.

Be inspired by nature

Create your own backyard haven by putting lush, towering bushes and trees right up to the margins of your pool around its boundary. Add natural elements, like a waterfall or a lot of big pebbles around the bottom of your pool, and the room will become a private tropical paradise.

A pool with a view

Swimming or relaxing in a pool with an unhindered view of landscaping, trees, or mountains would be an incredible experience. You can achieve these with the help of an infinity pool, which can also serve as an artistic element in the outdoor space. Consider adding tropical trees, plants, or other flora to the pool area to make it look like it’s from a picture.

Evening light shows

Choosing the correct outdoor lighting for any backyard is important, and the reflection of light off a swimming pool’s surface provides a unique ambiance. A midnight swim in your swimming pool will be more tempting if you install colorful lights as well as white lights that give off an ambient light that looks like daylight even when it’s dark.

Luxurious and lush

The brilliant blue water of the pool can be enhanced by the addition of some beautiful flora around it. Consider adding lush plants to the pool’s border to frame it and draw attention to it while also softening the hard aspect of the concrete and stone around your backyard pool. Songbirds can also find sanctuary in flowers, shrubs, trees, and other vegetation near the pool area.


Any outdoor setting can benefit from the calming effect of the mellow flickering light of a fire. You can create a relaxing haven around your pool by placing one or two firepots. Glass fire beads can be a great way to reflect the flames’ dancing light onto the water’s surface.

Beach entryway

Incorporating a beach-inspired entryway into your pool area will complete the outdoor theme. If you want to give your pool a truly “beach shore” feel, use a sand landing leading into the water. If you’re planning on installing an in-ground pool, this is the finest option.

Serene Privacy

Planting trees and plants as a poolside edging can be both beautiful and functional. As a bonus, shrubs and trees can be a natural barrier to keep out unwanted visitors. Plants around a pool should be easy to care for, have the right size and shape for the space, and be easy to maintain. Choosing plants that go well with the area’s climate is also important. Aside from their visual impact, think about how they’ll change the feel and smell of the outdoor space.

Best Pool and Outdoor Designs

Add a touch of greenery

If you have a large deck around your pool, consider adding some flora to break up the monotony. It is possible to define the space and add visual appeal to the deck. You can do this by planting tiny patches of grass with flowers and small shrubs on either side or in a few additional locations around the pool. Glass feels great on damp, bare toes, after all!

Need help with your pool and outdoor designs?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas for your outside area. Pools aren’t simply for swimming these days. Your swimming pool should be a work of art as well as a place to cool off and unwind during the sweltering days of summer. Consider incorporating some of these pool and outdoor designs, or come up with a unique concept of your own. With Your Backyard Haven professionals’ help, you can create your unique pool and outdoor space.

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