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Indisputably, swimming pools are excellent sources of fun and relaxation. Even so, these spectacular features can cost thousands of dollars. Thus, if you plan to construct a swimming pool, ensure you hire a dependable pool construction company. Otherwise, you may end up losing money in the long run. If you are an aspiring pool owner in Toronto, look no further, Your Backyard Haven got you covered. We are popularly known for our exceptional customer service and quality pool services.

Best Pool Construction Company in Toronto

Over three decades of experience…

Your Backyard Haven has been in existence for more than 35 years. Our pool contractors at Your Backyard Haven are highly experienced in constructing all pool designs. You can count on us to bring all your pool dreams to life. Due to our extensive experience, our pool professionals know how to deal with different client personalities. With us, you need not worry about the common mistakes made during pool construction.

Transforming outdoor spaces

We, Your Backyard Haven, not only focus on quality pool construction but also spicing up different backyard spaces. We incorporate a broad spectrum of water features and outdoor fixtures to make your yard look exceptional. Our pool builders develop twenty-first-century pool designs to help you add a whole new charm to your outdoor space. Consequently, we help you increase the value of your property. Not to mention, we come up with pool designs strictly based on your requirements. You can rely on us to make all your pool dreams come true.

Outstanding customer service

Here at Your Backyard Haven, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Upon your first consultation, we pay attention to all your requirements. Unlike most pool construction companies, we aim at bringing what you have in mind to life. After listening to all your needs, we suggest several pool designs that match your outdoor living area. At times, we may have to visit your property before recommending any pool design. Once you choose your preferred pool design, we proceed with construction.

Our professional pool contractors incorporate an efficient communication system during construction. They give you constant updates on the progress of the project. During this time, feel free to ask any questions. If you’d like to make some changes to the pool, we are always ready to listen and advise on the way forward. After we complete the pool, we will give you the best pool maintenance tips that boost the durability of your pool. Ultimately, we deliver maximum client satisfaction!

A wide range of quality pool services

We, Your Backyard Haven, offer a broad spectrum of pool services. We deal with new pool construction and pool remodeling, water feature installation, pool maintenance, etc. Thus, we cater to different customer requirements. Moreover, you can purchase high-quality pool and spa equipment from us. We source our pool equipment from reliable manufacturers like Jandy and Pentair. Consequently, you rest assured of quality. If you need any pool services in Toronto, do not hesitate to contact us.

Dedicated to excellence

Our company is committed to delivering nothing but the best. We use high-quality pool equipment and materials to construct swimming pools. Subsequently, we guarantee durable pools. When building vinyl pools, we use thick liners that help you minimize your repair and replacement costs. Additionally, we use durable materials to finish your pool. We also make sure we install quality pool equipment. Our pools provide high longevity and excellent functionality. You won’t have to deal with repairs and replacements in the short run.

Best Pool Construction Company in Toronto

Affordable yet quality pool construction services

At Your Backyard Haven, we understand that most of our clients work under a limited budget. Therefore, we connect you to the cheapest pool financing options in Toronto. Building a pool can cost a fortune. But having the right financing options can help you bring your pool dreams to life without breaking your bank. Since we have been in the industry for decades, we know the best pool lenders in Toronto. During your first meeting with us, we’ll listen to all your financing needs. Then, we’ll present the best financing options available. After choosing your preferred option, we direct you to the best lender.

Number one vinyl and fiberglass pool builders

It is clear that Your Backyard Haven is the best pool construction company in Toronto. We, Your Backyard Haven, focus on modifying your backyard into a premium haven. We build high-quality luxury pool designs based on your requirements. Other than dealing with new pool construction, we also deal with pool remodeling, water feature installation, and selling pool products. So, if you need any pool services in Toronto, do not hesitate to contact us. We are only a phone call away! You can call us at 1 416-672-0443 or visit our store at 223-5800 Ambler Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L4W4J5.

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