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People who have had the good fortune to relax in an outdoor spa while on vacation will probably see the benefit of having one of the best spas in Toronto installed in their own backyard. A spa visit has many potential benefits as a form of self-care, social interaction, reward, and therapy. While on vacation, you could hope to lie back in the warm water while the jets massage your aching muscles. But to have this convenience right in your backyard? It’s a fascinating idea you have there. It’s a realistic possibility, too, given the many options on the market. 

Considerations before Investing in the Best Spas in Toronto

Here are some considerations before you invest in the best spas in Toronto.

What do you need or want?

Take some time to consider your needs and wants at the best spas in Toronto before making a purchase. For instance, do you need a remedial massage to treat injuries or other health problems? Do you place a premium on a pleasing appearance? Or, perhaps, you envision your spa as a place where you and your loved ones can relax and spend time together.

Always go with your best judgment after careful consideration of all the options. Most customers will have to decide between a permanently installed concrete spa and a movable, prefabricated model. 

Types of spas

Social spas.

There are two main types of spas to choose from: concrete and portable. What makes a spa a social hub is not the spa itself, but rather its placement and surroundings. The spa’s multipurpose appeal increases if it is adjacent to the primary gathering spaces. Also, the area inside the pool fence has additional elements like ice buckets, fire pits, and built-in bench seating. Some of the more portable choices come with their own stereos and built-in screens.

Aesthetic spas. 

Concrete spas offer more design flexibility. It is common practice to incorporate a concrete spa into a pool construction project. However, such spas can come as stand-alone structures at a much higher price than their portable counterparts. You may add a spa to your pool whenever you like, but only if you hire a reliable pool contractor. The best concrete spas in Toronto can be dug into the ground or placed on top. 

A concrete spa’s larger footprint is a result of the freestanding, out-of-sight machinery required to run the facility. In addition to being more expensive, concrete spas typically do not have as many jet options for their molded beds and seats. There is so much more convenience that you can enjoy by installing the best spas in Toronto.

2. The need for spa safety is of utmost importance.

Safety is the next factor to think about. Placement, ledges, barrier fences, covers, and access gates are all part of the spa laws you should be familiar with. Keep in mind that you need a building permit to install a spa. You should wait to add water and a safety barrier until you are sure the fence is safe and meets all the rules.

3 What size Suits Your Needs?

The larger the spa, the less likely it is to be relaxing. The number of potential users should be taken into account. Don’t waste money on a massive spa if you’re just going to use it by yourself and one other person. If you often have big parties or have a big family, you’ll want a bigger spa.

4. Where to install the Spa 

Spas are an ever-present invitation to relax in the fresh air, so place yours in a prominent setting. It is best to tuck a spa away in a dark corner or along an unused wall to protect your privacy and your guests’ privacy. The closer it is to the main gathering space, the more appropriate it will be for parties, and the more often you will utilize it. Likewise, you’ll want to think about how far away from the house you want to put it. Make it convenient enough that guests won’t mind the short walk back to the house after a relaxing day at the spa.

5. Embrace technology

Picture this: you’re out for the evening or on your way home from your children’s athletic event, and you remember that you have a spa waiting for you when you get home. That is entirely possible, as many spas’ control systems are now Wi-Fi-enabled, and you can control them from a mobile device.

Considerations before Investing in the Best Spas in Toronto

6. Special Features

The beauty of landscapes is that they may be adapted to suit individual preferences. We have a great time constructing the best spas in Toronto, so consider the unique elements that will turn your spa into a relaxing outdoor retreat. In order to upgrade your spa, you may want to consider installing spillovers, floating seats, large acrylic windows, glass mosaic tiles, or built-in decks.

Ready to upgrade to the best spas in Toronto?

Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you make the most of your outdoor living area, whether you are in the market for a brand new swim spa or hot tub. We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to maximize the potential of our clients’ outdoor spa areas.

Need to discuss something in depth? Your Backyard Haven is here to assist you, and your family to locate the perfect outdoor living space, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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