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Factors to Consider before Swimming Pool and Spa Installation
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Are you planning to install a swimming pool or spa? Your Backyard Haven has got you covered. We have highly experienced and trained pool experts who deliver quality installation. Before installing a swimming pool or spa, there are several factors you need to take into consideration. This way, you’ll be able to better plan for the construction process. In this article, we look at some of the factors you need to consider before swimming pool and spa installation.

Factors to Consider before Swimming Pool and Spa Installation

Things you need to do before swimming pool and spa installation

Identify your state’s pool construction guidelines:

Aspiring pool owners need to know all their zoning laws to avoid making mistakes during construction. More often than not, you need to obtain a pool construction permit before beginning installation. Book an inspection with your local authorities to find out whether your property qualifies for swimming pool and spa installation.

Choose the pool type you want:

Before construction, you need to select your preferred pool type. Currently, there are three main types of inground pools; vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass. Each of these pools offers unique pros and cons. Understand all the benefits and drawbacks offered by each pool. Then, settle on a specific pool type. Most dependable pool contractors are always willing to take you through all the pros and cons of each pool type. This way, you’ll be able to make the right decision.

Evaluate the longevity of the pool:

Always take the time to analyze the durability of the pool. It would be best to construct a durable pool that lasts for decades. Typically, concrete pools offer the highest longevity. On the flip side, vinyl pools offer the least durability but are the cheapest. It would be best to consult your contractor on the best pool and spa type to install. Additionally, evaluate the lifetime cost of the pool and spa before installation.

Decide on the circulation system:

Unlike before, there are now different types of systems that keep your pool and spa clean. The most common pool and spa system is a chlorine system. This system uses chlorine chemicals to sanitize the pool water. Saltwater sanitation systems are increasingly becoming popular among a majority of homeowners. They use fewer chemicals, and hence are safer for human use. UV sanitation systems are also effective and help you reduce the use of chemicals. However, they are costly. So, if you have a fixed budget, UV and saltwater systems may not be your ideal option.

Think about pool and spa maintenance:

Remember, you need to maintain your pool or spa to keep it in good shape. The maintenance procedures vary depending on the pool type. So, before constructing a pool or spa, ensure you check all the maintenance procedures and costs involved in the long run. Regardless of the pool you choose, hiring reputable pool service technicians to maintain your pool either weekly or biweekly is always advisable.

Consider additional water features:

During swimming pool and spa installation, you have to think about the water features you plan to install. Some of the best features that spice up your pool and spa include waterfalls, sheer descents, lighting, grottos, jets, and raised bond beams. Choose the specific water features you plan to install before construction begins. Note that the water features you select will depend on your preference and budget.

Don’t forget the landscaping:

Landscaping your pool area is important. Therefore, identify the type of landscaping you want for your pool. Then, hire a professional to do the landscaping for you. Conduct thorough research on the best landscaping designs you can incorporate into your yard.

Factors to Consider before Swimming Pool and Spa Installation

Determine your budget:

Needless to say, your budget determines whether you can proceed with swimming pool and spa installation. Generally, swimming pool and spa installation costs thousands of dollars. Therefore, you need to make sure you have enough money for the entire installation process. If you can, hire a financial advisor to tell you if you are making the right decision.

Identify a good contractor:

Swimming pool and spa installation is not a walk in the park. So, you need to hire a reputable pool construction company. Otherwise, you risk losing thousands of dollars during installation. Keep in mind that one mistake during construction can cost you thousands of dollars.

Your Backyard Haven is the best swimming pool and spa installation company

Swimming pool and spa installation require a lot of planning and design. Luckily, here at Your Backyard Haven, we have reputable experts who focus on delivering quality installation. Before installation, they take you through everything you need to consider during the installation process. Then, once you settle on a particular pool type and design, they proceed with construction. Unlike most pool companies, we will keep you updated throughout the entire construction process. Thus, you can always count on us to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

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