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Hot Tubs & Spas – Features & Accessories

There are a wide array of features and accessories available for your hot tub installation. Get to know some of the options available when installing a hot tub and familiarize yourself with some of the features we offer for a truly custom hot tub installation.

Customize Hot Tub Accessories & Options

Our line of Swiss Spa and Immerspa Hot Tubs are the highest quality inground and above ground hot tubs and spas. Your Backyard Haven provides a seamless installation of both your hot tub as well as the features and options that you require to truly customize your hot tub.

Pick the options that best suit your lifestyle. Some of our hot tub lines offer more customization options and are better suited for inground installations, while others are more practical for above ground or semi-inground applications. Before you choose a hot tub, view the customization options that most hot tub owners look for when buying a new hot tub.

Upgraded Hot Tub Sound System & Automation

Hot Tub Options

Wide Array of Hot Tub Add-Ons & Features

Upgrade Equipment & Filtration

Hot Tub Equipment

Let one of our hot tub experts guide you through the various features and options available for the particular model hot tub you are looking at. Various models allow for more customization options than others. Inground hot tubs allow for the most flexibility and customization in terms of features & functions you can add to your hot tub. However, there are a multitude of flexible features that can be added onto your above ground or semi-inground hot tub installation. Consequently, a Your Backyard Haven representative can guide you through which ones are available for particular hot tub.

If you are thinking of adding on a hot tub or spa, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the accessories that are most common to typical hot tub installations. Typically, most hot tub owners will opt to install steps or stairs to make getting in and out of the hot tub easier. For seniors, installing a handrail is also a safe precaution that could prevent potential slip & fall. For multiple seat hot tub owners who use their equipment at parties and gatherings, upgrading your sound system and automation equipment is a popular upgrade. Adding on a waterfall or upgrading the lighting is also enormously popular.

Hot Tub Color Samples

Customize Hot Tub Accessories & Options

Whether you are choosing to utilize your hot tub for recreation, relaxation, training, or therapy, there are literally hundreds of options and accessories you can add on to your hot tub installation. Some of the most popular features and add-ons hot tub owners tend to choose are adding on steps, hot tub covers, sound system upgrades, and automation systems to make cleaning and routine maintenance easier to perform. Whether you are purchasing a budget friendly hot tub, or a top of the line hot tub, we can help you find and install the best features and add-ons to customize your hot tub to your exact preferences.

Hot Tub Umbrella

Hot Tub & Spa Products

We have a large variety of different hot tub and spa products to help you customize your hot tub installation to the exact specifications you are looking for. Whether you are looking for add-on hot tub equipment, features or products, we have a large catalog of products that can help you bring additional enjoyment from your hot tub or spa.


Hyrotherapy Products

Experience the rejuvenating powers of a spa yourself each day. We have a large variety of different spa products available to help you increase your enjoyment of your hot tub or spa. From aromatherapy to supplies for maintaining and balancing the water chemistry in your hot tub, Your Backyard Haven is the #1 supplier in the local area for spa products for your hot tub.


Hot Tub Pad Installers

As experienced hot tub installers, we also have the skillset and construction expertise to build and install hot tub pads. A concrete pad provides a rigid and stable platform for your hot tub equipment to sit on. This provides a layer of protection between the hot tub and the ground which will substantially improve your hot tubs ability to withstand the elements as well as our harsh Ontario winters.


Hot Tub Pad Installation

Frequently we are able to construct a hot tub pad within just a single day. However your hot tub equipment setup and installation may take longer than a single day if we are constructing an entire deck instead of a simple pad. Concrete takes time to properly cure and set. Depending on your specific installation project, setting up your hot tub pad and equipment typically takes between 2-3 days.

Hot Tub Electrical Installation & Repair

Hot Tub Electrical Connections

Your Backyard Haven has wired electrical connections for hot tubs and spas for hundreds of homeowners in the Ontario area. Rely on us for the safe installation and wiring of all of your hot tub equipment. Trust us for fast and efficient same day repairs and installations of all major brand hot tub equipment and components.

Hot Tub Electricians - We can add on features and equipment to your hot tub.

Hot Tub Electricians / Wiring Hot Tubs

Our technicians follow the latest industry standard guidelines when wiring hot tub equipment to make certain that we adhere to local safety regulations. Consequently when we wire the electrical connections for your spa or hot tub, you have the peace of mind of knowing an expert installation has been performed.

Backyard Pergola for Hot Tub

A Pergola is the Perfect Add-On for a Hot Tub

Many homeowners opt to have us install a pergola or gazebo as part of their backyard renovation. Adding on a hot tub is a considerable backyard upgrade. Complete the look by adding a pergola or gazebo to shade guests seated in the hot tub area and enhance the overall look of your hot tub area.

Hot Tub - Pergolas & Gazebos

Pergolas & Gazebos

Your Backyard Haven is a complete outdoor living designer and backyard installation company. Enhance your hot tub or spa with a Pergola or Gazebo to shield guests from the sun, add charm & elegance to your hot tub area. Schedule a free estimate on Pergola or Gazebo construction when getting a hot tub quote.

The 7 Health Benefits of owning a Hot Tub

Owning a hot tub is one of the most therapeutic devices for your body. The rejuvenating effects of the hot water and spa jets have been statistically shown to decrease time for recovery time for physical injuries. For thousands of years people have known the healing effects spas have. Now is the time to explore adding a hot tub to your own backyard so that you can experience the health benefits of owning one first hand. If everytime you go on vacation, you can’t wait to get in the hot tub and just relax, imagine coming home to that every night.

  1. Stress Relief
  2. Muscle Relaxation
  3. Improved Sleep
  4. Pain Relief
  5. Better Cardiovascular Health
  6. Improved Insulin Sensitivity
  7. Burns Calories

The health benefits of owning a hot tub are numerous. Hot tubs have been shown to improve migraines, diabetes, arthritis, and many other conditions. In fact, hydrotherapy has grown enormously in popularity over the last 2 decades. After recuperating from a sports injury, many therapists recommend purchasing a hot tub to decrease recuperation time and promote the healing process faster.