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How to Remove a Stain from Your Vinyl Pool
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A vinyl pool often accumulates different types of stain over time. It is important that you handle these pools with care when you’re cleaning stains off of them. This is to avoid staining or damaging the liner. These pools aren’t made for abrasive and harsh cleaning products. There are some ways of properly cleaning a vinyl pool without ruining the liner.

How to Remove a Stain from Your Vinyl Pool

Vinyl pool liners do not maintain their aquatic, crisp, bright colors. They usually turn dark yellow, pink, black, light brown, or murky green. This stain will make your backyard pool appear dirty and grimy, even if the pool water is clean. You can use specially made robotic pool cleaners to clean your pool floor and walls, this also helps prevent bacteria growth. But some discolorations are not easy to get rid of as they go all the way through the liner. Automatic cleaners only do half the job, regular maintenance and service is required to keep stains from setting into your liner.

Identifying discoloration in a vinyl pool liner

Discolorations originate from either metals or organic buildup in your backyard pool.

Organic stains are often green or brown and come from:

  • Bugs
  • Leaves
  • Mud
  • Algae
  • Dirt

Metal stains come in an array of colors and are usually caused by:

  • Water
  • Swimming pool heaters
  • Rusted swimming pool pipes
  • Metal swimming pool parts (ladders)

Stains that are blue or green in color are often because of too much copper in pool water. If your pool has yellow, red, or brown stains, it means the water has too much sodium salt, calcium, or iron that usually leaves a white deposit.

Organic debris, small animals, or dead algae cause organic discoloration. These discolorations typically take place after a long thunderstorm or winter season.

Ultraviolet stains or chemical stains are harder to treat. They can occur because of wrong chlorine levels, pH levels, or bleaching of the vinyl pool liner. Mineral stains are best treated with acid elements.

You should first identify if a vinyl pool liner stain is chemical or organic so as to treat it using the right treatment.

A benefit of liners is that they usually do not stain as much metal and plastic in or around the pool. Liners can discolor in contained spots and spread throughout the surface of your pool. It can be just on the floor, on the waterline, one small spot, or on the steps. The color, location, and size are essential to know the cause of the vinyl pool stain. This will allow you to pinpoint and stop the source correctly.

How to clean stains from a vinyl pool liner

A pool vinyl liner will need different steps to remove metal stains and organic stains on the liner. To start, you require:

  • Metal trap
  • Stain remover or pool detergent
  • Pool vacuum
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Soft bristle brush

How to clean metal stains in vinyl pool liner

You can use ascorbic acid to treat regular stains caused by metals. Getting rid of metals as your pool fills is the ideal way to protect against orange discolorations.

1. Check your pool water metal level.

2. Get rid of equipment causing the stain.

3. Add ascorbic acid to your pool according to the directions on the container.

4. Set the filter to the recommended setting and let the cleaner do its job.

5. Inspect to see if there are any stains left behind.

6. Repeat if needed.

Use a stain remover to clean organic stains

If it’s a vinyl-lined pool, acid wash isn’t an option for removing too many algae and slime. It is best to use conditioners, pool detergent, and lots of effort to get rid of vinyl pool stains.

1. Get rid of all the organic matter in your pool.

2. Use a pool brush to brush the pool’s bottom and sides.

3. Apply a cleaning agent to the stain, adhering to the bottle’s directions.

4. Scrub the area thoroughly.

5. Test the pool water and shock the pool accordingly to eliminate any remaining matte.

How to Remove a Stain from Your Vinyl Pool

Tips to prevent stains on a vinyl pool liner:

  • Shock the pool frequently (about once every week).
  • Remove the debris from your pool and do not allow dirt or leaves sit on your pool’s floor or steps.
  • Keep debris and dirt out with a pool cover.
  • You can use metal isolates to prevent the buildup of metal again if you have had issues with it previously.
  • Vacuum and brush the pool once every week.
  • Balance your pool chemistry.

Get in touch with a professional today!

If you’re having trouble getting rid of stains on the water line or a stain on your pool’s bottom part and you have attempted every method available, then it may be time to contact us. Our professionals will figure out the origin of the stains and balance the vinyl pool. In addition, chemicals such as acids and chlorine can be hazardous, so it’s best to use extreme caution.

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