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The covid-19 global pandemic forced a majority of homeowners to upgrade their outdoor spaces. As a result, most pool owners started revamping their swimming pools. At present, there is a wide range of techniques you can use to renovate your pool. In this article, we look at some of the most common pool features homeowners want in a pool.

Pool Features - What Homeowners want in a Pool?

Swim-up bar

Swim-up bars are outstanding pool features that make swimming experiences more enjoyable. Here, you can sit and relax as you sip a cold lemonade under the summer heat. Typically, a swim-up bar comprises concrete bar stools firmly installed on the pool’s surface. Most pool owners love positioning their swim-up bars next to their outdoor kitchen or pool island. If you are a commercial pool owner, this is a water feature that you should definitely consider.

Pool lighting

Nowadays, every pool owner wants to install lights in their pools. Pool lighting is a great way to transform your pool into a glowing oasis. At present, there is a broad spectrum of pool lighting. Some include halogen, fiberoptic and LED lights. Each of these pool lights offers distinct advantages and disadvantages. Your best pool light option often depends on your requirements. But generally, LED pool lighting is the best. It is more durable and efficient. Not to mention, the aesthetics offered by LED pool lighting are out of this world. In particular, multicolored led pool lights switch up your yard into a high-end holiday destination resort. Furthermore, pool lighting enables you to navigate the pool easily at night.

Fire features

Currently, fire features are increasingly becoming more popular among a majority of pool owners. Some of the best fire features to install include fire pits and fire bowls. You can simply align these pool features along the edge of your pool or on your pool patio. Fire features undoubtedly create a warm glow in your pool. Also, they create the perfect chill spot for you and your family. Fire features also make your pool area more appealing. Nevertheless, installing fire features is relatively expensive.


Spas not only increase the aesthetics of the pool but also improve your overall health. Now, almost every pool owner wants to include a spa in their pool. Although spas cost thousands of dollars, they enable you to unwind after a grueling day. Spillover spas radiate soothing sounds that are relaxing to the mind. Health experts report that spas are ideal for people suffering from hypertension and muscle pain.

Natural rock fixtures

Rock fixtures around the pool are functional and deliver a naturalistic view around the pool area. Natural rocks make the pool more attractive. Some rock fixtures allow you to sit and relax as you enjoy the magnificent views of the pool. Rock waterfalls are becoming more popular among most pool owners. They serve as a luxurious centerpiece in the backyard as well as create a tranquil ambiance.

An Outdoor Shower

Every pool owner loves adding an outdoor shower by the poolside. Outdoor showers allow swimmers to take a quick shower immediately after they come out from the pool. If your pool is beside a beach, an outdoor shower helps swimmers clean off sand from their swimsuits before they enter the pool. If you are a commercial pool owner, an outdoor shower is a must-have feature.

Pool covers

Automatic pool covers are very useful pool features. They safeguard the pool from dirt and debris. Also, they prevent pets and kids from falling into the pool accidentally. The majority of states require every pool owner to install a pool cover in their pools. Although expensive, this feature saves you thousands of dollars on pool maintenance. Nevertheless, it is essential to purchasing a pool cover that matches your requirements.

Pool Features - What Homeowners want in a Pool?

Wood decking

A good pool deck makes the pool look more inviting. Therefore, pool owners want quality decking for their pools. Nowadays, there is a broad spectrum of materials you can use for your pool deck. They include stone, aggregate, wood, among others. Always consult your pool contractor on the best pool deck material to use. Ensure that your pool deck offers durability.

Pool fence

Another feature homeowners want in a pool is a fence. A pool fence protects bypassers from falling into the pool. In some states, a pool fence is a compulsory feature to install. There are various pool fence types that cater to different requirements. Regardless of the pool fence you choose, ensure it delivers maximum functionality. Additionally, it should complement the aesthetics of the pool.

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Generally, there are some features that homeowners want in a pool. Some include pool covers, rock waterfalls, spas, quality decking and fences. All these features offer unique functionality. When looking for the right pool features to add to your pool, it is important to consult a professional. We, Your Backyard Haven, have the best pool contractors who are willing to cater to all your requirements. They advise you on the best features to install in your twenty-first-century pool and deliver quality installation.

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    Thanks for pointing out that pool lighting is a great way to transform our pool into a glowing oasis. My husband and I want to improve our property before our parents come to visit in January. With this, we are hoping to find contractors on Monday who can enhance our pool decks within a week at an affordable rate.