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A swimming pool is an expensive addition to your property. Thus, before you install a swimming pool, evaluate your requirements. Doing this helps you know whether building a pool makes sense. Currently, there is a wide range of pool types you can install. The main three pool types include vinyl, concrete, and a fiberglass pool. Each of these pools offers distinctive pros and cons. Therefore, identify your requirements to determine your best option.

Pros and Cons of a Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools have become a popular option among a majority of homeowners. More often than not, these pools offer value for money since they incorporate less initial and lifetime costs. In this article, we take a detailed look at the pros and cons of this pool.

The benefits of a fiberglass pool

Faster installation:

One major benefit of this pool type is that it incorporates a speedy installation process. On average, installing one takes you two to six weeks. The installation time depends on the size of the pool and your contractor. Moreover, the water features you install can also prolong the fiberglass installation process. This characteristic gives these pools a competitive edge among other pool types.

Less maintenance:

Fiberglass pools are relatively simple to maintain. The pool’s shell contains a gel coat that is smooth and non-porous, hence allowing for easy cleaning. The shell is also highly resistant to algae and tears. Thus, you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars maintaining this pool. All you have to do is ensure you balance the water chemistry and clean the pool regularly.

Highly customizable:

Usually, you can easily customize this pool to match your requirements. The pools can accommodate a wide range of water features and designs. However, note that these pools may not accommodate specific designs and sizes due to their transportation method. Always hire a dependable contractor to customize your fiberglass pool. This is the only way you can make the most out of this pool.

Maximum longevity:

The shells are robust. Subsequently, they are less susceptible to wear and tear. A fiberglass pool can last for years without the need for repairs and replacements. Even so, you have to take good care of the pool. Otherwise, you won’t be able to experience this benefit. This swimming pool is, therefore, cost-effective in the long run. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with many repairs in the long run if you have this type of pool.

Soft to the touch:

Swimmers often report that swimming in a fiberglass pool is more comfortable. Remember, these pools contain a smooth gel coating on the surface of the shell. This coating often feels soft to the touch when swimming. Thus, there are no risks of injury. On the other hand, gunite pools tend to become rough over time. As a result, it may not be comfortable to swim in an old gunite pool. The best thing about the fiberglass gel coating is that you will never have to replace it if you maintain the pool well.

Cons of a fiberglass pool

Do not tolerate mistakes:

Fiberglass pools do not accommodate any installation mistakes. If an error is made during construction, the pool won’t function correctly. Therefore, you have to hire a keen and experienced fiberglass contractor to deal with your project. Some of the signs of poor fiberglass installation include collapsing of walls and inadequate circulation of water.

Fiberglass pools are still costly:

Although they can offer value for money, they are still expensive. These pools cost more than vinyl pools. Also, these pools can reach the price of a gunite pool when you spice them up with a wide range of water features. Pool professionals report that you can spend up to $80,000 to $100,000 when installing a fiberglass pool. It all depends on how you construct the pool.

Pros and Cons of a Fiberglass Pool

Limited customization options:

Even though you can create different pool shapes and designs with fiberglass, these pools offer low versatility. This pool is usually a ready-made pool transported onsite for installation. Most of these pools get transported using large trucks. Thus, you cannot build a very large fiberglass pool since it won’t fit in the transportation truck. Several states have come up with specific guidelines regarding fiberglass transportation. Ensure you follow these rules.

Prone to warping:

Generally, the pools are more susceptible to warping issues. Bulging and bending are also common issues with these pools. This is because they are prefabricated. Using gravel backfill helps you fix this problem since it’ll prevent unnecessary movements and shifting in the fiberglass shell.

Is installing a fiberglass pool worth it?

At the end of the day, the pros of a fiberglass pool outweigh the cons. Therefore, installing this pool makes sense. Nevertheless, it is essential to hire a dependable pool company to conduct the installation for you. Here at Your Backyard Haven, we have the best contractors who deliver quality fiberglass installation. So, do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Charlotte Fleet

    It is amazing to know that fiberglass pools can last for many years without needing repairs or replacements. My grandparents want to have a pool installed in their backyard. I will definitely suggest that they have their pool lined with fiberglass so that it will have a very long lifespan.

  • Afton Jackson

    I really like how you talked about the longevity of fiberglass pools in your article. Getting a pool that lasts as long as possible has always been a priority for our vacation house, but we weren’t so sure about which material we should get. After reading your article, I now know that we should look for a fiberglass pool expert for the job.

  • John Carston

    I like that you said that the fiberglass pool has less maintenance because of its simple design. After moving to our current area, my wife wants to have a fiberglass pool in our backyard for our children, and she asked if I had any suggestions. Thanks to this informative article, I’ll be sure to contact a reputable custom fiberglass pool construction to assist us with our desired design.

  • Taylor Hicken

    I liked it when you shared that it is great to install a custom fiberglass pool since it is highly resistant to algae and tears which requires less maintenance. My aunt just mentioned the other day that she is planning to install a swimming pool for her new home as it comes with a large backyard. I will suggest to her find a reliable service that can customize one that is made from fiberglass.

  • Jeff Carbine

    It really helped when you said the pool’s exterior is coated with a smooth, non-porous gel layer that makes cleaning a breeze. I have a cousin who is doing a research paper this should help him, I’ll share it with him. Thank you for the information about the swimming pool.

  • Eli Richardson

    It’s awesome that your article talked about fiberglass pools and how they’re highly customizable and come with different design options. We want to install a pool in our yard this month to make sure we’re ready for the summer, so we’ll follow your advice and start looking for a dependable contractor to get started. Thanks for the tips on designing a pool that matches our house’s size.

  • Afton Jackson

    I love how you talked about the customizability of fiberglass pools and how you can benefit from them. I do feel like that’s something that we can get a lot out of since we would really want to install add-ons and other kinds of extras as time goes by. I’ll work with a local pool contractor who can help us with fiberglass models for sure so it’s much better for us.