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Swimming Pool Designs That Will Blow Your Mind
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Your next step after deciding to install a pool at home should be to research current trends in swimming pool designs. A swimming pool is an excellent and luxurious addition to any property. Your home’s value will increase, and you’ll have a lovely location to unwind and work out with a pool.

Swimming Pool Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Here are some stunning swimming pool designs.


The soothing roar of falling water is part of what makes waterfalls so relaxing. You can improve the appearance by growing a small jungle below the cliff. Doing this will give you and your guests the impression that you are swimming in an unspoiled natural setting. While this style only requires a little space, if you have a spacious outdoor space, feel free to go all out with it.

Sandy entry

You don’t have to wait for a vacation to appreciate the beauty of a sandy beach. Create an atmosphere reminiscent of a tropical beach for the pool’s entrance. Your pool can look like it’s on the beach thanks to the sand slope leading into the water. Inground pools look great with this design.

Underwater lights

It’s a fact that pools with underwater lighting look significantly more attractive at night. The layout is flexible enough to accommodate various swimming pool designs. It will look like the pool is deeper and cleaner than it actually is due to the lighting. Furthermore, you can be even more imaginative by using timed, multicolored lights.

Custom shape

Nowadays, homeowners can have their own custom pools designed by a pool designer. If you want to show off your musical taste, you might have the professionals create a design based on an instrument like a harp or guitar. Add some flair and color with a variety of lights.

Creative pool entries

An impressive entrance is a great way to make your pool feel like it belongs on a beach or near the ocean. In order to create the illusion of a shore, one side of the pool must be made flatter than the other. Similar to a beach, the water depth in the pool gradually increases from the shallow entry further into the pool.

Rather than having sand at the pool’s edge, a decorative stone or marble path might be used to draw the eye. You can use small granite or stone pieces to make the pool’s entrance resemble the sands of your favorite beach. Tropical plants or large rocks will give the entrance a more resort-like atmosphere. A stunning beachfront pool will make every swim in your backyard feel like a mini-vacation.

When constructing a pool, many individuals become anxious about the project’s duration. This is mostly due to people being impatient to dive into their backyard pool. However, keep in mind that some of these swimming pool designs can take more time. For this reason, asking how long it takes to build a pool is something you shouldn’t worry about if you’re aiming for excellence.

Rock wall designs

The rock walls surrounding your pool can be either completely natural or designed to look like they were formed over time. Put up a massive rock pile against a brilliant limestone background. Don’t forget that you can add that special touch by arranging a waterfall over a combination of brown, black, and grey pebbles leading into the pool.

Fountains and waterfalls

An inground pool with a fountain is an aesthetically pleasing feature. The pool’s edge is a suitable location for the fountain’s structure. The spouts are adjustable, and you can aim them toward the pool’s middle or side. The pool’s focal point may also be a fountain built in the pool’s center.

The expert builders at Your Backyard Haven will help you choose the best materials for your waterfalls and fountains. These features can withstand weather and water damage and are long-lasting.

Adding a waterfall is a terrific technique to give the impression that your pool is more expensive. A waterfall can add to the pool’s look and the outdoor area, making it feel like a resort.

Swimming Pool Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

If you’re going for a more rustic vibe, go with a rock waterfall. You can achieve the luxurious appearance of the waterfall by constructing it out of step-like, durable glass, marble, or concrete structures. The water cascading over the waterfall’s edge can flow slowly or quickly into the main pool area, depending on your preference.

Swimming pool designs

You have only one shot at your build, so you’ll need to be creative. Having one of these swimming pool designs in your yard can instantly revitalize it. Swimming pools are now more often considered an extension of the home’s landscape. Get in touch with Your Backyard Haven to schedule a meeting and learn more about our incredible swimming pool designs.

We’ll visit your home, assess its condition, and discuss the incredible pool we can design and construct for you. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure your spectacular new pool area meets your expectations.

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