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Fiberglass pools are rising in popularity due to their functionality and durability. Unlike other inground pools, fiberglass pools are usually pre-manufactured in a factory. Then, they are transported to the construction site. If you plan to install a fiberglass pool, hire a reputable pool construction company like Your Backyard Haven. Here at Your Backyard Haven, we deliver quality fiberglass pool installation. Our experts are highly dedicated to meeting all your needs.

 The Process of Fiberglass Pool Installation

A detailed procedure of fiberglass pool installation

Step One:

The first thing to do is to come up with a specific layout of the pool. Discuss this with your pool contractor before they begin manufacturing the fiberglass pool. After presenting all your requirements, most pool contractors will take the time to suggest various fiberglass pool designs that suit your requirements. From there, they order the fiberglass pool from reputable manufacturers. Note that the shape and size of your fiberglass pool often depend on your location and budget.

Step two:

The next thing to do is excavate the pool area. Dig out the pool area according to the shape and design of the fiberglass pool. During this stage, your contractors will also clean out the entire pool area. They use a dig sheet to check the measurements of the pool area. It takes approximately two to three days to excavate the pool area.

Step three:

After pool excavation, your contractors will spread out gravel on the floor of the pool. Contractors then compact the gravel to create a steady pool base. Setting the floor helps you establish a strong foundation for the entire pool structure. So, conduct this process carefully.

Step four:

The next step is to place the pool in the excavated area. More often than not, manufacturers transport the pool using a low trailer from the factory to the construction site. Manufacturers also bring the accompanying pool equipment at this time. Once they reach onsite, a crane lifts the fiberglass pool and places it in the excavated area. Most fiberglass installers evaluate the site before bringing in the pool. This way, they’ll come up with a perfect plan on how to install the fiberglass pool as fast as possible. After lowering the fiberglass pool into the hole, the installers check all sides to make sure they are in place.

Step five:

Once the fiberglass pool is in place, installers proceed with plumbing and backfilling. Here, contractors put up the skimmer, filter, and pumps. Quality PVC pipes are used to connect all plumbing equipment. Pool experts often suggest installing a groundwater access pipe. Your contractor will put up the filter and pumps after installing all the filters and pumps. If you are using a saltwater system, they will install it at this time. Use gravel as a flowable backfill to provide stability and equal pressure on different sides of the fiberglass pool walls.

Step six:

Put up rebar around the perimeter of the pool for additional strength. Then, pour concrete around the perimeter after the rebar bonds completely. Use concrete that is eight inches thick. The concrete holds the rebar in place and provides the perfect surface for the coping.

Step seven:

Fiberglass installers usually use colored coping material to boost the aesthetics of the pool. They also installed the deck and pavers to make the pool more attractive. At present, there is a broad spectrum of coping and decking materials you can use. Ensure you choose one that matches your requirements and complements the fiberglass pool.

 The Process of Fiberglass Pool Installation

Step eight:

When the fiberglass pool is completely installed, your contractors ensure that the site is clean. They’ll also fill the pool with water and conduct a test run on it to see if everything is working. In the event of any problem, they will fix it immediately.

Why should you install a fiberglass pool?

Fiberglass pools are durable and incorporate low maintenance costs. They are simple to maintain; thus, you won’t have to conduct numerous repairs in the long run. Moreover, you can customize a fiberglass pool to match your requirements. Nevertheless, fiberglass pools cannot exceed a certain size. This is because they get transported by trucks to the construction sites. The trucks can only accommodate certain fiberglass pool shapes and sizes. The fiberglass pool installation process is pretty straightforward and takes a short time. All you have to do is follow the right steps or employ a dependable pool contractor.

Your Backyard Haven has the best fiberglass pool installers

We, at Your Backyard Haven, have the best fiberglass pool contractors who focus on meeting all your needs. When you consult us, our professionals take the time to listen to all your needs. From there, they suggest the best fiberglass pool designs that match your requirements. We only order fiberglass pools from reputable manufacturers. Ultimately, we deliver quality fiberglass pool installation.

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