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Toronto Pool Construction on a Budget
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At present, swimming pools are expensive add-ons to your property. Bringing your pool dreams to life can cost you thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are several ways that can help you cut down on pool construction costs. Aspiring pool owners should therefore not get intimidated by the massive cost involved in pool construction. One way to construct your dream pool is to employ the right pool company. A dependable pool company like Your Backyard Haven will help you stick to your budget, whether it’s limited or not. If you are an aspiring pool owner under a budget in Toronto, do not hesitate to contact us. We are only a phone call away!

Toronto Pool Construction on a Budget

Reduce the pool size

We, Your Backyard Haven, often advise our clients to construct a smaller pool if they have a limited budget. A small pool works perfectly fine, especially if you have limited backyard space. Typically, a smaller swimming pool requires fewer materials and water features. Subsequently, you won’t spend much building a small swimming pool. You need not worry. A spool is also a great source of enjoyment, fun, and relaxation. Our pool builders at Your Backyard Haven are able to create a breathtaking pool design even when the pool is small. However, note that the bather load capacity of a small pool is less. But generally, reducing your pool size can help you cut down on pool construction costs.

Simple yet contemporary pool design

Our pool builders will come up with a simple pool design for you if you have a limited budget. Building a complex pool design undoubtedly costs more. We come up with simple but elegant geometric pool designs that complement your backyard. Of course, we put all your requirements into consideration when constructing the pool. On your first appointment with us, our pool experts will recommend the best simple pool designs. Contrary to popular belief, simple pools provide excellent functionality. Besides, they also boost your home’s aesthetics and increase the value of your property.

Limit the number of pool features

Another way to save money during Toronto pool construction is to avoid incorporating many water features. If you are under a tight budget, our pool builders will always recommend installing one to two water features, depending on your type of pool. This helps in spicing up the pool a little bit. Moreover, the water features you install should be simple.

Some of the best water features you can install when under a budget include sheer descents, bubblers, and fountains. Pool features like spas and slides can cost you a lot; so, avoid these. When coming up with your pool design, we’ll suggest the best water features for your pool based on your budget and requirements.

Wait on the pool materials

At Your Backyard Haven, we use high-quality materials to build pools. However, if you have a limited budget, we might advise you to forego installing high-end deck and patio materials. Using world-class materials like glass as your tile or decking material can cost you a fortune. Other simple materials like stone can work perfectly fine and will cost way less. Besides, you can always replace your pool deck in the future. It would be best to go for reasonably priced, affordable materials during pool construction. Also, install affordable but functional pool equipment. Remember, you can always replace your equipment and materials in the near future.

Toronto Pool Construction on a Budget

Select the right pool location

Choosing the wrong pool area can cost you thousands of dollars, either in the long run or in the short run. Constructing your pool in an area with underground cables forces you to deconstruct the pool after some time. And this can cost you a fortune. It is therefore important to hire a dependable pool company like Your Backyard Haven to build your pool. Before we proceed with pool construction, we’ll always make sure we conduct a thorough inspection of the pool area. This way, we’ll know whether it’s safe to construct the pool in your preferred location.

Additionally, placing the pool under a tree will increase your maintenance costs. This is because the pool will be more prone to dirt and debris. Ultimately, ensure you choose the right location for your pool.

Toronto pool construction on a budget

At Your Backyard Haven, we know how it can be challenging to fund a pool project. Thus, we connect you to the best pool lenders in Toronto. If you want a particular pool financing option, we direct you to the most affordable lender in Toronto. This way, you can still get your dream pool without having the total pool construction costs at hand. However, note that you have to meet a certain financial criterion before you get approved for a pool loan.

At the end of the day, you can always count on us, Your Backyard Haven, to construct your dream pool on a budget. Feel free to contact us via 1 416-672-0443.

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