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Although public pools in summer months are notoriously busy, and trips to nearby hot springs consume your whole day, pools/hot tubs in the oasis style offer the rest and relaxation you deserve in the comfort of your own backyard. Designing your own oasis gives you almost unlimited artistic expression.

If your vision of the swimming pool involves a diving board, whether heated, shaded or sunny or not, the huge crowd or the infamous “warm spots” in public pools will no longer bother you.

Backyard Remodeling Idea: Adding a Pool or Hot Tub Creates an Instant Oasis

A pool or hot tub oasis is a step above the normal experience of swimming. An oasis is an atmosphere that enhances the ease of swimming with richness and comfort. The swimming pool/hot tub oasis can be built in a number of designs, depending on your perfect getaway. Desert scenery, a tropical hideaway, or giving the feeling that you’re swimming in a 5-star resort are all possibilities.

Based on your design preferences and vision for the overall atmosphere of your soaking space, your very own holiday destination can be designed by contractors and landscapers. When designing a vision board for your swimming and soaking oasis, your style and mood choices are crucial to build upon. You should think about the overall tone you want to leave as an impact, as well as the function of your oasis.

Transforming Your Backyard Into An Oasis

When you reach your oasis, think about the way you want to feel. For fun or relaxing, is your pool used? Will this be your luxurious personal spa? Do you want your pool parties to be the focus of it? The shaping elements of your soon-to-be swimming pool oasis need to be taken care of.

When landscaping and designing your dream oasis, attention to detail goes a long way. Small ornaments and carefully arranged decor bind the atmosphere together in ways that will save you time and money, whether your perfect oasis mood is based on comfort, romance, or sport. Our top picks proposed to include in your oasis are:

  • Uplighting
  • Landscaping
  • Finished Deck / Patio
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1 Comment

  • Afton Jackson

    Your suggestions on how to elevate a simple hot tub into a backyard oasis were really helpful. We’re planning a complete makeover for our house’s outdoor areas since the backyard is currently being unused, and I figured we might as well go the extra mile. If I can find a hot tub service in the area, I’ll ask them to get us a unit installed and then use your decoration tips on top of it.